Wow Videos

These are few of the videos that shows what you need to establish inside you to become a successful entrepreneur.Many try and Fail but few stand above all!!!……

All you need to do for successful achievement of your GOAL is develop in yourself the Habit to lose and learn from your weak points..I would say “come out of the masses stand like a lion,and just get it what you want”

The above interview is in Hindi.. If you do not understand it let me explain to you
what he did to become successful….

This gentleman, whom you are looking at is Mr. ATUL KHEKDE.This person with the new set of ideas has achieved everything, these ideas that somehow come in minds of real hard worker,full of guts! like him..are unusual and newest!!!..So his business is like taking the aircraft from the real owner and providing it to the general civilian if they want, lets say for a meeting or anywhere they want to go..With his hard-work he made Rs.5 crore yearly turnover of his company and within 3 years planing to make a turnover of around Rs.2000 crore ..

When he was asked how did he managed to get the faith of the aircraft owners?
He simply replied, that he did it with marketing ability and by insuring the owner their profit that they would have never expected to even think of….

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