Special Advantage of Social networking sites…

Social networking sites can prove to be a boon for you in this recession, but how??..If you are using social networking sites for friends , chatting with them that’s cool but now you can find a job for yourself there ..It’s true. Many business corporates and established firms are finding twitter, orkut ,facebook as one of the best way to have talented and deserving candidates for their companies.

What you have to do?

  • Just open a free account in orkut ,twitter and facebook .I would personally recommend facebook for this purpose.
  • As usual make friends and enjoy increasing your your social circle.
  • And most importantly you can put your resume in your profile ( you should set it to be viewed by all ).


Please do not give your address and contact no. in your resume as you can be easily      disturbed by irritants..

Corporate business ,contact you through these social networking sites directly…