Mobilize your Blog!

If you have a good amount of traffic and now you think that your readers have become regular then you should do something for their comfort, you should let them get free from Laptop and desktop screens and give their eyes a fair amount of rest and for that you should mobilize your blog that is let them read your Blog from their cell phones or mobile..

Requirements for your blog to be read via mobile

  • Your blog should support RSS feeds.
  • Your blog should have been created WordPress, blogger, Typepad, youtube and Live journal sub-domains..

To know about mobilizing your Blog and standing out in a queue of sites which can be viewed via mobiles please visit

SaVE URself FRom InterNET FrAUd!!

As most of us are aware of the importance of money in our lives. What to say even Students, teenagers, and even small children nowadays are putting a full-stop to their demands, their likings, due to the increasing price rise in the World, with no one left out of its effect, not even big business men.Many companies have either got closed or have reduced their employee number, and ultimately unemployment has increased. And that is why people are getting attracted for some income Sources and the Best of all is through internet..

But at this point,many dirty minds are on their way to make you fool, they try as many things as they can to make bugs out of your pocket, SO BEWARE!!.

Nowadays Internet as a source of part-time or full lively even, has increased,some people find it easy but yeah! very Few, and some are out of the race before they even step in.

So what are the frauds that usually few MAD ones are applying over you.You might be knowing or aware of some methods of making money through net.

  • Blog: This method is usually safe,but tough to get an easy income.. In this process you usually place advertisement for PPC( Pay per click)plan or affiliate marketing but all that is virtual till you have got traffic…
  • Data filling and Surveys: Now here comes the role of Parasites, there are companies present on Air which will ask you to take their package and will make you get attracted by giving you bonus.Usually many mortals present on internet get attracted, What is their criterion??…. They will ask you to pay may be $10-$15 dollars for their package through paypal or VPL mode through post( in which you have to pay when you receive the package), what their package contains??. It will contain a CD with a file either in pdf format or any other with links to survey sites, which you can join for free, and for that they are charging making your pocket loose weight.Their are many survey sites which you can join for free, I will provide you the links later.Now in terms of bonus they will give you super useful knowledge how to make money online?.That is establish a Blog,advertise on it and you are done!! This is your 80% income according to them!!. This bloody knowledge you can get anywhere for free!.Obviously as I have discussed with you in the first point and that to for free!.(I am your friend and hence not charging you).

Now few survey sites you can join in, make few bugs out of their easy survey questions, “THE MORE YOU ANSWER THE MORE YOU MAKE MONEY”. I would recommend to join as many survey sites as you can but remember you do not have to pay for joining.Also please do not Think of making money instantly, these sites only provide surveys according to your caliber, so more wiser you are the more you make.

Here are few survey companies……

  1. SurveyHead
  2. Corpscanonline: through this site you can search for affiliate marketing, online surveys and much more!
  3. Surveysavvy, I would personally say, first try other sites then this one…
  4. ACOP
  5. Globaltestmarket

Now you might be thinking filling of such lengthy  forms can be very time-consuming,i.e, lesser output than input(investment of time) so I had a solution for you.

Download this software for free “THIS SOFTWARE“.

Enjoy friends!!

With regards!

TEN Best Blog Topics!!!….

I have seen people confused when it comes to selecting there Blog topics ,the problem is that either they are talented in many arts and henceforth find themselves confused or there are people like me who know so little about everything that they don’t know what to write but when i talked to a blog expert ( professional blogger) my confusion was somewhat clear…

Now with months of Investigation on blog topics i find ten of these topics as the topics which can really attract good traffic if well dressed and maintained .

  1. HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE (this phrase is day by day getting popular in google search engine and due to recession people are trying to get some extra salary through internet and as a result blogs related to making money online are getting day by day popular)..
  2. CAREER AFTER INTERMEDIATE ( so if you are proper counselor and know about careers after intermediate and which college to join or not to join which is asked frequently by students, about various entrance exams you can start your blog in this very topic )..
  3. A BLOG ON YOUR PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION ( if you think you posses great pictures you can expect yourself making money through net by selling your photo collections through your blog )
  4. ABOUT NEW TECHNOLOGIES BEING LAUNCHED ( if you are something like gadget loving you can write on new technologies, for instance about apple notepad it’s advantages and drawbacks , these type of blogs are on whole very popular)..
  5. IF YOU CAN COOK ( if you are good in cooking different dishes might be Italian ,Indian , fast food and so on… you need not to be a professional cook for all this)..
  7. HOW TO REMOVE DARK HEADS, HOW TO REGAIN HAIRS ( that is about natural fashionable that people like us do suffer ,if you do a little investigation on these topics you can remove your dark heads as well as help others in doing so)…
  8. HOW TO MAKE A GIRL FRIEND,BOY FRIEND (you can get traffic from these type of topics in minutes if organized and designed intellectually and smartly)..
  9. ACTORS AND ACTRESS RUMORS (i would suggest add few of yours, by imaginative thinking)…
  10. ABOUT A TOPIC THAT IS UNTOUCHED FIND YOURSELF AND IS SIMULTANEOUSLY POPULAR IN INTERNET ( though i have found none try it out yourself , anything can be invented)….

With regards !!!!!

Wishing you success in advance for your blogging Career….