TEN Best Blog Topics!!!….

I have seen people confused when it comes to selecting there Blog topics ,the problem is that either they are talented in many arts and henceforth find themselves confused or there are people like me who know so little about everything that they don’t know what to write but when i talked to a blog expert ( professional blogger) my confusion was somewhat clear…

Now with months of Investigation on blog topics i find ten of these topics as the topics which can really attract good traffic if well dressed and maintained .

  1. HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE (this phrase is day by day getting popular in google search engine and due to recession people are trying to get some extra salary through internet and as a result blogs related to making money online are getting day by day popular)..
  2. CAREER AFTER INTERMEDIATE ( so if you are proper counselor and know about careers after intermediate and which college to join or not to join which is asked frequently by students, about various entrance exams you can start your blog in this very topic )..
  3. A BLOG ON YOUR PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION ( if you think you posses great pictures you can expect yourself making money through net by selling your photo collections through your blog )
  4. ABOUT NEW TECHNOLOGIES BEING LAUNCHED ( if you are something like gadget loving you can write on new technologies, for instance about apple notepad it’s advantages and drawbacks , these type of blogs are on whole very popular)..
  5. IF YOU CAN COOK ( if you are good in cooking different dishes might be Italian ,Indian , fast food and so on… you need not to be a professional cook for all this)..
  7. HOW TO REMOVE DARK HEADS, HOW TO REGAIN HAIRS ( that is about natural fashionable that people like us do suffer ,if you do a little investigation on these topics you can remove your dark heads as well as help others in doing so)…
  8. HOW TO MAKE A GIRL FRIEND,BOY FRIEND (you can get traffic from these type of topics in minutes if organized and designed intellectually and smartly)..
  9. ACTORS AND ACTRESS RUMORS (i would suggest add few of yours, by imaginative thinking)…
  10. ABOUT A TOPIC THAT IS UNTOUCHED FIND YOURSELF AND IS SIMULTANEOUSLY POPULAR IN INTERNET ( though i have found none try it out yourself , anything can be invented)….

With regards !!!!!

Wishing you success in advance for your blogging Career….