Enhancing your blog!! ,yup you got traffic…..

Enhancing your Blog is not something related to purchasing some tools and upgrading your blog for some unique tools. With few simple tips you can directly decorate out your blog and that too free.

Many think that increasing traffic to your blog can be done by posting unique and interesting articles, but that is not enough you might have seen professional bloggers making their blog as unique as possible making themselves different from others and ultimately getting traffic to their blog. If you also wanna have some traffic to your blog read this article and please fell free to discuss anything..

As of now try out these tricks to enhance your Blog, Whenever you get time , give time to enhancement of your Blog…

TRICK . 1.

Try using themes for your Blog that have corporate look, professional look. There are many themes available for free, but few are available only when you get your hands free from few bugs!!


If you have posted an article related to a particular topic add images related to that topic to give it a fancy look, as do images do speak louder than words in terms of imagination, readers feel themselves imaginative while reading a blog which has explanations  through images…. you can create slide show for the collections of your photographs and earn some bugs … if you have some real collection, you can seriously earn big..  for you i have got an advice if you want to create a slide show for your collection visit www.slideshare.com


Most important of all whatever i have discussed, a blog reader is mostly hoping to get some knowledge out of your blog in some way or the other, and to your reader you  should at least provide them something you know is of their use, this you can do through your posts but when it comes to storing the knowledge readers find it difficult to do so.. so what to do???

Here is an advice create your gift to readers in the pdf format which is the most simple and easily downlodable format via internet…

Now how to create a pdf file.. Converting your research or gift to readers , or any knowledge you want to provide to your readers. Simple create your whole file in MS Word, add pictures related to your  topic and then save it …

Now you need to install any one of the  software which are completely free for all, freeware dude!!

You can do so by downloading either bullzip software from www.bullzip.com

or Go to www.bestfreewaredownload.com and download dopdf 7 for free or you can download  cutepdf software for that visit www.cutepdf.com

After downloading one of these software open your file( MS Word) and go to file menu and click print, instead of your default printer use the one you have installed as the case may be….

As i have created one for you below, this ebook has something that is funny as well as something that you can use to know something about your friends and specially your girl friend or boy friend as the case may be… have fun!!