Oh! GOD SAVE Me…..

Making yourself free from habits that are Hurting you and the One’s related to you ,i.e, your relatives is not at all simple . It has been said that controlling yourself for 21 days from the particular Habit you can get rid of it the Whole Life ,this statement might have proved correct for many people but seriously it can prove to be only a Myth for others.

For instance a person wants to get rid of his drinking Habit, through which he not only destroys his life but ultimately those related to him, i have suffered from all this that is why i am discussing with you, it is damn important that you leave all this to save your family and ultimately yourself… What you can do for all this, people do say going to organizations which help you leave this habit is not the only solution , you need to have guts in yourself…

What are the Basics of how to leave a bad habit or get rid of it.. There is no simple way for it but if you try you can and you will.. for all this you need give birth to  SELF RESTRAINT in yourself , which will help you of getting rid from dependence from your mind , your heart , you will then be working according to the demands of the situation of the surroundings… You might be feeling as if i am preaching you ,but no i have suffered from all this ….

Now how can you Achieve “self-restraint” here comes the practice of YOGA , the science that teaches you to remain fit from Body ,mind and soul. To know a bit about YOGA and its form please without any delay visit www.yogaind.com

Practicing YOGA will not only help you achieve “self-restraint” it will let you gain what you have lost in the past while having no control over your mind…

For Your Knowledge YOGA is not something that will have an effect on your worshiping a particular religion, though it was Developed in the past by Hindu saints ,but it is simply an art to achieve freedom from this commotion ,lying all over the world..Feel free to Practice it whatever your religion might be.. Ultimately it will one day teach you the truth that we are humans and are just traveling in  different paths to reach the same destination “THE GOD” itself..

If you are finding it hard because of your busy schedule then i have bundles of examples of busy and well-known people who are following it .. MADONNA , SHILPA SHETTY (The Winner of Big Brother) and many well-known Businessmen are doing the same… then how-come you can say that you don’t have time for all this stuff and ultimately leaving your Unwanted Habit , it’s up to you……

I would even like to recommend YOGA to The greatest at what he does in the World the leader of todays live devils Mr. Osama Bin Ladein and many others…. To make themselves , their mind silent and come out of the fuss , that their religion is insecure in this World , let others live with peace and security….

With regards!!

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