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If you have a good amount of traffic and now you think that your readers have become regular then you should do something for their comfort, you should let them get free from Laptop and desktop screens and give their eyes a fair amount of rest and for that you should mobilize your blog that is let them read your Blog from their cell phones or mobile..

Requirements for your blog to be read via mobile

  • Your blog should support RSS feeds.
  • Your blog should have been created WordPress, blogger, Typepad, youtube and Live journal sub-domains..

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Bharti Vidhyapeeth University, pune!

Bharti Vidhyapeeth, Pune will be conducting CET-2010 for students willing to take Admission in their B-Tech programs on 21st May2010. It is one of the highly ranked college in India with good Placement record… And for students who are not able to qualify for IIT, NIT or other first choice institutes like BITS, Pilani .. They can try their capability in BVP-CET 2010…


Declaration of the Merit List for BVP CET 2010 will be made on 28th June 2010..

You can check about your application form status and e-Admit card issue and results here


Also,you can check for CET-MBA Results BVP CET MBA….

Nucleophilic substitution Bi-molecular!!!

This topic sometimes seems to be like a barrier for chemistry students, but it isn’t if it is studied intelligently and with fun….
So lets enjoy this topic now in style and become a part-time expert ….

Now why waste time let’s enjoy…

There are few things that I would like to share with you before you read this post.
1. I am not the real author of this post…
2. These methods of understanding organic chemistry have been developed by Ankush pathak(B-Tech)..

First of all lets know that SN2 reaction is a very basic part of organic reaction…It is very important and is frequently used in many reactions
Here “S” stands for Substitution, “N” for Nucleophilic and “2” for bi-molecular… Now you might be feeling a bit confused.. Lets make it simpler!

In SN2 reaction, the rate depends on the concentration of substrate and the reagent BOTH( hence it is called bi-molecular), Now in the example
given Cl acts as a reagent and ethanal as substrate, Now again you might be confused that what is a reagent and what is a substrate???…..
If you are not able to see the Diagram Consider chloride ion and ethanal..And make it in a copy!!
So REAGENT and SUBSTRATE are nothing but a part of our joke!!!, Let us consider a Girl and a boy,Now I ask you a question,
Who usually gives heart first???…. Your answer then will be a boy..(Like me).. So lets join both the theories together…NOW

REAGENT is same as BOY’s HEART…

And in organic language a reagent in a SN2 reaction is a compound or a molecule that provides lone pair( BOY’s HEART) and is called
a nucleophile, whereas SUBSTRATE is a molecule that accepts lone pair and is called an electrophile( ORGANIC GIRL, she always accepts you, no demands)…Also PHILE means love,demand for romance, so a molecule which is a nuleophile wants to have a romance with nucleus whereas electrophile wants to have romance with electron(s)…so nucleophile is nucleus loving and electrophile is electron loving..

Here in this reaction Cl- is having a lone pair(nothing but a pair of electron, so now you know who would be calling it for romance..”THE ORGANIC GIRL Ethanal”..) here the role of organic girl is played by ETHANAL( which in turn is called for romance by Cl- , a nucleophile)….And ultimately
you know what will happen if Ethanal forgot to take the PILL…..

When both Girl and boy are ready then what’s the problem let’s enjoy!!

Here as shown in the Diagram Cl Provides the lone pair and Ethanal accepts it…..The product of the reaction is nothing but simply an chloro alcohol as shown in the figure below in presence of an acid……And the reaction comes to a funny End giving birth to an alcoholic child in the Hospital..

Now if you liked this post from Ankush pathak, if you wish to have a future reference to organic topic like this subscribe to
SHASHAco. Simple Tips….

With regards!!

SaVE URself FRom InterNET FrAUd!!

As most of us are aware of the importance of money in our lives. What to say even Students, teenagers, and even small children nowadays are putting a full-stop to their demands, their likings, due to the increasing price rise in the World, with no one left out of its effect, not even big business men.Many companies have either got closed or have reduced their employee number, and ultimately unemployment has increased. And that is why people are getting attracted for some income Sources and the Best of all is through internet..

But at this point,many dirty minds are on their way to make you fool, they try as many things as they can to make bugs out of your pocket, SO BEWARE!!.

Nowadays Internet as a source of part-time or full lively even, has increased,some people find it easy but yeah! very Few, and some are out of the race before they even step in.

So what are the frauds that usually few MAD ones are applying over you.You might be knowing or aware of some methods of making money through net.

  • Blog: This method is usually safe,but tough to get an easy income.. In this process you usually place advertisement for PPC( Pay per click)plan or affiliate marketing but all that is virtual till you have got traffic…
  • Data filling and Surveys: Now here comes the role of Parasites, there are companies present on Air which will ask you to take their package and will make you get attracted by giving you bonus.Usually many mortals present on internet get attracted, What is their criterion??…. They will ask you to pay may be $10-$15 dollars for their package through paypal or VPL mode through post( in which you have to pay when you receive the package), what their package contains??. It will contain a CD with a file either in pdf format or any other with links to survey sites, which you can join for free, and for that they are charging making your pocket loose weight.Their are many survey sites which you can join for free, I will provide you the links later.Now in terms of bonus they will give you super useful knowledge how to make money online?.That is establish a Blog,advertise on it and you are done!! This is your 80% income according to them!!. This bloody knowledge you can get anywhere for free!.Obviously as I have discussed with you in the first point and that to for free!.(I am your friend and hence not charging you).

Now few survey sites you can join in, make few bugs out of their easy survey questions, “THE MORE YOU ANSWER THE MORE YOU MAKE MONEY”. I would recommend to join as many survey sites as you can but remember you do not have to pay for joining.Also please do not Think of making money instantly, these sites only provide surveys according to your caliber, so more wiser you are the more you make.

Here are few survey companies……

  1. SurveyHead
  2. Corpscanonline: through this site you can search for affiliate marketing, online surveys and much more!
  3. Surveysavvy, I would personally say, first try other sites then this one…
  4. ACOP
  5. Globaltestmarket

Now you might be thinking filling of such lengthy  forms can be very time-consuming,i.e, lesser output than input(investment of time) so I had a solution for you.

Download this software for free “THIS SOFTWARE“.

Enjoy friends!!

With regards!

Those who want to win!!

Hey! mathematicians who probably think that they have excelled in certain topics,surely would not be knowing this trick which i am going to discuss, do you have a guess? NO!


IN this article i have got something useful for all! OH! sorry only for Mathematicians.

You might be a expert in calculus or in algebra or even in geometry, trigonometry or so statistics but this post is for those who possibly find maths difficult when it comes to solving problems. Now for those who find calculus difficult, i have a perfect site for them, i would probably say  it is the best site right now in the network, which explains the basic of calculus in the efficient and intellectual way, what to say even an average student like me can understand. So what you are waiting for have a look at CALCULUS MADE EASY, but my dear friends now why to waste your time!, here is specially for you only, a trick to solve questions in which you probably are asked to give the value for the expressions made up of trigonometrical representations for a triangle and such questions are believed to be based on “solution of triangles” or “properties of triangle”.

For Instance lets take an example, Find the value of

(a/c) sin2C + (c/a)sin2A. In This question a,c represent the sides of the triangle apposite to angle A and angle C respectively, as shown in the diagram below

General Triangle

Now to find the value for such expressions, some books or probably all books recommend to learn lengthy formulas for trigonometrical angles Like Sin(A/2) =((s-a)(s-b)/bc)1/2

Where s  is called the semi perimeter of the triangle such that 2s = (a+ b+c), is the sum of lengths of sides of the triangle.

Now as i have promised you in the starting of the post to tell you the trick, here it is

For  sides a, c in the above example put a,c =1 and the angle A and angle C = 600

That is simply consider the triangle as an equilateral triangle then putting the values  in the above example we get something like this (1/1)sin1200 + (1/1)sin1200 = 31/2

Personally i find this method as the best method to solve such type of questions if i have less time, but i would recommend to check your value using general method by putting in the formulas  for sin2C and sin2A , but obviously this is write method.

Here are few questions that you can attempt now,

Find the value for

  1. (b/a)sin2A + (a/b)sin2B =
  2. In a triangle ABC if, a, b, c are in A.P and cos$1 =( a/b+c) and cos$2 =(b/a+c) and cos$3=(c/a+b) , where $1,$2,$3 are angles then find the value of: tan2($1/2) +tan2($3/2)=

The answers to these question are 31/2 and 2/3, if you have got the answers you are on the way to success!!!

Have fun

With Regards!

One special way to earn through your Blog!

Only providing ads in your blog, using Adsence from google which is quite a headache, because they usually lay so many terms and conditions that a beginner in blogging cannot fulfill or even think of doing so!!…
So if you are a beginner like me.You have just started your blog a month or fifteen days back from today or even two months or are planning to restart your blog with effectiveness, read this post, As i have started from 4th may’2010 and expecting myself to earn something from it, though personally i can’t earn because i am not a good writer and something like a junior assistant in everything, though i have a bit knowledge about blogging, in short i can’t express myself. That is somewhat discouraging!!!!!….

  • One option is to open a free account in bidvertiser, or infoclicks, as do i will be opening soon.They do not lay any hard and fast rule.Have fun!!
  • One more option is to find a site that gives online mobile prepaid recharge service or any other bill payment online, and search whether it provides code to put on your blog and give a chance to you to become a re-seller and earn money,one such site is available in India, surely you can search out many other sites which provide such codes in your country, if someone recharges from your blog,you get your commission. Isn’t it simple

Try out these steps to at least learn something for future, try out bidvertisers and infoclicks as of now, in future you can pass on to google adsense after you have enough traffic to your Blog…

Good luck

With regards!!

Enhancing your blog!! ,yup you got traffic…..

Enhancing your Blog is not something related to purchasing some tools and upgrading your blog for some unique tools. With few simple tips you can directly decorate out your blog and that too free.

Many think that increasing traffic to your blog can be done by posting unique and interesting articles, but that is not enough you might have seen professional bloggers making their blog as unique as possible making themselves different from others and ultimately getting traffic to their blog. If you also wanna have some traffic to your blog read this article and please fell free to discuss anything..

As of now try out these tricks to enhance your Blog, Whenever you get time , give time to enhancement of your Blog…

TRICK . 1.

Try using themes for your Blog that have corporate look, professional look. There are many themes available for free, but few are available only when you get your hands free from few bugs!!


If you have posted an article related to a particular topic add images related to that topic to give it a fancy look, as do images do speak louder than words in terms of imagination, readers feel themselves imaginative while reading a blog which has explanations  through images…. you can create slide show for the collections of your photographs and earn some bugs … if you have some real collection, you can seriously earn big..  for you i have got an advice if you want to create a slide show for your collection visit


Most important of all whatever i have discussed, a blog reader is mostly hoping to get some knowledge out of your blog in some way or the other, and to your reader you  should at least provide them something you know is of their use, this you can do through your posts but when it comes to storing the knowledge readers find it difficult to do so.. so what to do???

Here is an advice create your gift to readers in the pdf format which is the most simple and easily downlodable format via internet…

Now how to create a pdf file.. Converting your research or gift to readers , or any knowledge you want to provide to your readers. Simple create your whole file in MS Word, add pictures related to your  topic and then save it …

Now you need to install any one of the  software which are completely free for all, freeware dude!!

You can do so by downloading either bullzip software from

or Go to and download dopdf 7 for free or you can download  cutepdf software for that visit

After downloading one of these software open your file( MS Word) and go to file menu and click print, instead of your default printer use the one you have installed as the case may be….

As i have created one for you below, this ebook has something that is funny as well as something that you can use to know something about your friends and specially your girl friend or boy friend as the case may be… have fun!!


Wow!! JOB FOR Teaching positions…

SIKKIM UNIVERSITY a central university located in peaceful natural surrounding of Sikkim in Eastern Himalayan region, is being designed in such a way so as to make it known for academic excellence and research, so here is the opportunity for you… Grab it!!!

1. Teaching positions… Sikkim University is looking Forward for Dynamic and Forward looking Scholars.. in the ranks of professors ,associate professors,and assistant professors in the following disciplines on regular basis..

  • Department of Psychology studies, school of social sciences
  • Department of Law and Legal Jurisprudence studies, school of Law and Governance
  • Department of physical studies,school of physical and chemical sciences
  • Department of Microbiology, school of life sciences

Qualifications as per UGC prescription

For more information without any Delay visit for applying for non teaching jobs as well..

With regards!!

Best of luck for teaching Journey…….

Difference Between Solubility Product And Ionic Product??

All those who want to understand the basics of Ionic Equilibrium here is topic which you usually do not find in books , but this question is frequently asked in the exams and even in the Board viva …

So what is the Difference between Ionic product and Solubility product…

Let us consider a reaction, a reversible reaction in which silver chloride(Agcl) dissociates into chloride ion(Cl-) and silver ion(Ag+)..

AgCl <=====> (Ag+)  + ( Cl-)

Let initially at time t=0 , AgCl has concentration =a molar or a M (where M stands for molarity)… to know a bit more about molarity as of now visit

Now suppose after time t=t1 seconds AgCl has dissociated to give the respective ions , now the concentration are as follows…

[AgCl]= a-x M , [Cl-]= x M , [Ag+]=x M ….

Now if we are asked to write the ionic product we simply write it down as [Cl-][Ag+]= x.x

but at the same time if the teacher asks to write solubility product you will say it is not possible right now to do so.. We can only define solubility product when the solution is Saturated…

NOW What is this Saturated solution??? .. Simple it is solution in which the rate of dissociation of salt (in the above example AgCl) is equal to the rate of association of ions (in the above example Cl- and Ag+) to form back the salt or compound… or you can say no more of salt or compound can be added to the solution , if you tried doing so you will get the same amount of salt thrown on your face by the solution through the process called know more about saturated solution visit….

Hence , Solubility product is same as ionic product but it is defined only when the solution is saturated….

Wishing you success in advance for your exams!!!!

With regards!!

Oh! GOD SAVE Me…..

Making yourself free from habits that are Hurting you and the One’s related to you ,i.e, your relatives is not at all simple . It has been said that controlling yourself for 21 days from the particular Habit you can get rid of it the Whole Life ,this statement might have proved correct for many people but seriously it can prove to be only a Myth for others.

For instance a person wants to get rid of his drinking Habit, through which he not only destroys his life but ultimately those related to him, i have suffered from all this that is why i am discussing with you, it is damn important that you leave all this to save your family and ultimately yourself… What you can do for all this, people do say going to organizations which help you leave this habit is not the only solution , you need to have guts in yourself…

What are the Basics of how to leave a bad habit or get rid of it.. There is no simple way for it but if you try you can and you will.. for all this you need give birth to  SELF RESTRAINT in yourself , which will help you of getting rid from dependence from your mind , your heart , you will then be working according to the demands of the situation of the surroundings… You might be feeling as if i am preaching you ,but no i have suffered from all this ….

Now how can you Achieve “self-restraint” here comes the practice of YOGA , the science that teaches you to remain fit from Body ,mind and soul. To know a bit about YOGA and its form please without any delay visit

Practicing YOGA will not only help you achieve “self-restraint” it will let you gain what you have lost in the past while having no control over your mind…

For Your Knowledge YOGA is not something that will have an effect on your worshiping a particular religion, though it was Developed in the past by Hindu saints ,but it is simply an art to achieve freedom from this commotion ,lying all over the world..Feel free to Practice it whatever your religion might be.. Ultimately it will one day teach you the truth that we are humans and are just traveling in  different paths to reach the same destination “THE GOD” itself..

If you are finding it hard because of your busy schedule then i have bundles of examples of busy and well-known people who are following it .. MADONNA , SHILPA SHETTY (The Winner of Big Brother) and many well-known Businessmen are doing the same… then how-come you can say that you don’t have time for all this stuff and ultimately leaving your Unwanted Habit , it’s up to you……

I would even like to recommend YOGA to The greatest at what he does in the World the leader of todays live devils Mr. Osama Bin Ladein and many others…. To make themselves , their mind silent and come out of the fuss , that their religion is insecure in this World , let others live with peace and security….

With regards!!